When is a warm-up more than just a warm-up?

Jumping Jacks

If you are an active competitor in any sport it is possible that you often compete in unfamiliar places.  This is when a good warm-up will do more than just warm you up.  A good warm-up that you have done over and over during training and in previous competitions will give you a sense of familiarity with your surroundings even if you have never been there before.  It will take your mind of the events to come. It will give you a calmness, knowing that you are doing something you have done countless times before and that is far from unfamiliar.  With a sense of calm will come a sense of relaxation and you will be able to focus on the competition without thinking of environmental distractions (crowd noise, weather conditions, etc.).  Now your body is warmed up and you are focused, relaxed and ready to compete.  This is why a good warm-up is more than just a warm-up.

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